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Discount vs. Full-Service Brokerages

There is  much   ado  about the growth of discount brokerages like PurpleBricks, Zillow, and Redfin  to  name a few.  To  be frank, discount brokerages have been present in Ontario for years and even longer in the United States without shaking up the real estate industry as initially anticipated. Discount brokerages are also referred to as  limited service ,  a la carte service agreement , and  flat-fee . There are a variety of novel home selling methods currently present in the Canadian marketplace and in this entry we compare discount brokerage services with full-service brokerages like  HomeLife/ROMANO Realty Ltd .   In most real estate boards, there are generally two types of listing agreements. The first and most common is called a  Multiple Service Listing (MLS) Agreement,  whereby the seller will pay a commission when their property is sold thro
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Why We Work Wilson

  The City of Toronto is a vast network of neighbourhoods;  one hundred forty to be exact . These neighbourhoods are replete with growth and opportunity.  Between 2011 and 2016 , almost thirty per cent of immigrants – 356,930 people – made Toronto their new home and  Ontario was one of the principal beneficiaries of net interprovincial migration among the provinces and territories in Canada . Hence, it should come as no surprise that Toronto is currently home to the highest concentration of construction cranes in North America .   A growing population means expanding and improving services and infrastructure. Collaboration between public and private sectors ensure the redevelopment of unde

Planning Ahead: Smartsizing

Brokers and real estate sales representatives represent the proverbial boots on the ground working with supply and demand in the real estate market. They handle inquiries and feedback on the process, product, and experience buying and selling intentions directly through transactions. A recent survey we conducted in 2018 c oncluded with 73 per cent of respondents declaring that affordability remains top of mind which also reflected the findings of Royal LePage survey released in the same year found that 63 per cent of baby boomers view their market as unaffordable   The annual average sale price reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) Multiple Listings Service (MLS) increased each consecutive year over a twenty-one-year period spanning from 1996 through to 2017. Over these years Canada has experienced increased immigration, decreasing property inventory, and historically low interest rates. By January 1, 2018, the stress test implemented by the Canadian federal governmen

Creative Approaches to Homeownership

Typically, the summer and winter months account for a slower-paced real estate market distinct with a higher number of active listings and a fewer number of motivated buyers seeking to purchase real estate. This year; however, the real estate market has been on a tear over the past couple of months. This summer we have experienced a pronounced jump in sales activity, fifteen consecutive months of year-over-year appreciation in the average price of resale properties, and a sales-to-new listings ratio that is encroaching on a market that favours sellers. While there has not been much relief for buyers overall, let alone first-time homebuyers, in terms of competition and inventory, slack has

Best Practices

Buying and selling real estate can be a daunting and cumbersome activity, especially if you are trying to go about the task without the assistance of a professional real estate sales representative or broker. There are a lot of things that you can do to make your home or offer more appealing to potential buyers and sellers. Learn more about the best practices for sellers, buyers, and investors in today’s real estate market as suggested by leading industry professionals.   Buying and selling real estate can be a daunting and cumbersome activity, especially if you are trying to go about a task without the assistance of a professional real estate sales representative or broker.   Buying